scattered bits (includes brief CD review)

I'm as puzzled as the rest at the Nobel Committee's decision, but just perhaps it might be something of a reward to the USAmerican people for having finally dumped the neo-cons? Even if by a very slim margin... Remember this time last year when everyone was still saying he was unelectable because of racial issues? I just hope he follows through, actually, I hope he CAN follow through.

It's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, time for turkeys to duck & cover and to bring home more squash from the market than any family could possibly consume. This year we're going to in-laws for turkey, so instead I cooked us up a duck, with garlic eggplant & a broccoli-red pepper stir fry. Oh, & home-made cranberry sauce, the rest of which is going along with that squash to the family dinner tomorrow. Like Christmas, a meal with way too much rich food. Luckily only a few times a year are this bad for the waistline & the arteries.

A while ago I ordered a CD from Tom Cordle. I got 2 CDs! (also a book, but I haven't read it yet). Tom writes historically based lyrics from a native American point of view, marries them with good tunes, & plays & sings his material with great emotion. I found both CDs ("Children of Columbus" & "Soul of Hawk") both moving & a good listen. I'm looking forward to reading the book, "The Disappearing Cemetary", but it's a hard cover so won't be travelling with me. More on that later. Thank you Tom, I really enjoy your work!

We're going to be away for a couple of weeks, so I don't expect to be in here until later this month. I hope all my friends here either remain in good health or recover from whatever ails them. Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving!


documentaries of some interest

I was given passes to the preview showing here of Michael Moore's "Capitalism: A Love Story", which I saw last Thursday. I found it both a better-constructed documentary (albeit in classic MM style) & less funny than his average one. He almost sounded like he wished he didn't have to charge people money to see it at all. Almost.

Take away message? Capitalism = EVIL. My view = undecided, but inclined to agree that Military-Industrial-Agribusiness Mega-Corporations = EVIL at the very least.

Not being quite terminally depressed after the screening, I dug out a link to another film that I'd picked up on the recommendation of a friend:

The New American Century

I have to be careful to say that this is NOT a conspiracy theory film (at least, not in my opinion), since it does include bits that sound like it. However, it's an interesting film to watch & gives a decidedly different view from the usual. You'd never see this one on Faux News! And it's much more global in nature, trying to dig up some answers to the questions "what/who are the neo-cons, where did they come from & what the heck are they trying to do?"

I've never been one for conspiracy theories anyway, however as a sometime student of history I'm well aware that it is part of our culture to develop organizations that compete to be the ones who run things. At all levels. Thus, I find the whole ne0-con business not only mundane but all the more scary for being so.

Take away message? Neo-cons & all their works = EVIL. Well, d'oh. But it does no good to state the obvious, if nobody actually does anything about it. (Now I'm not only terminally depressed, I've got a pounding headache.)

What can be done, now that neo-con politicians, radical religionists & the military-industrial-agribusiness complex have all joined forces, and propagandized the unsuspecting (& unthinking) population at large? Sounds to me as if like-minded people from the other points of view need to be getting together & mobilizing our resources to prevent the juggernaut from crushing us all. (And all this without even thinking about environmental change or Gaia's revenge &c.)

Why? Because I still believe there are more people who don't want the kind of world the neo-cons are in the process of creating, especially not if it's run by them, than there are those who honestly do want it. But we need to be informed, & to inform others in a way that will get them both to take away the message & become more active against all that evil.

As a first step, I've locked up all the razor blades & sharp knives, at least until this headache goes away.

As a second step, I am joining the campaign against the version of the neoCons now infesting Canadian politics. My USAmerican cousins will have to pick up the ball south of the border.

This isn't paranoia, it's just rational thinking trying to emerge from the woodwork.