Most enjoyable rally in ages

Only caught snippets of the rally this afternoon, among other things going on in my house, but I have to say that it looked like a fun event, the most a-political thing I've seen coming out of the USofA in Lo! these many years. And bravo to those 2 great satirists, Stewart & Colbert, for putting it on.

It's not just sanity & damping down the fear that's needed -- it's ability to laugh at one's foibles & respect one's neighbours that are so sorely missed in the jingoistic rhetoric we hear all too much of on the USAmerican media these days. If only they would stop shouting so much & listen to how ridiculous they sound.

And, if only every USAmerican citizen who attended a sanity rally today would just get out there & vote their conscience, & each drag 10 friends with them! That'd go a long way to alleviating some of the pain. When I think of our grandmothers & great-grandmothers who struggled for the vote...they'd all be ashamed of those who just can't be bothered today.


fried green tomatoes

I must remember for next year that this recipe was NOT a success. Of all the things I've tried to do with end-of-season green tomatoes, this was in fact the least successful of all. Much better to make a green tomato chutney or mincemeat. The breading was nasty and so was the tomato inside. Very disappointing.

Tomatillos, on the other hand, make a great salsa from the green stage. I guess it's just a sad fact that green tomatoes have so little flavour it's almost impossible to do anything with them that doesn't involve mixing with a lot of other, more highly flavoured ingredients.

As I recall, I didn't think much of the movie, either...